The most impressive ad spaces in the city

Mediamix Helsinki Digi 50 - the series of advertising displays

Reach a mobile and purchasing power target group in the heart of Helsinki! When Finland's most purchasing target group is on the move, the new Mediamix Helsinki Digi screens are on the way. The new screens located in the highest quality parking garages in the center of Helsinki will attract the attention of your target group with high-quality and dynamically updated moving images and sound.

Use sound as part of your campaign! For the first time, you can connect sound to your digital ad. Why not increase your visibility and reach?

There are a total of 50 displays. Locations of the displays are P - Kamppi, P- Kluuvi, P- Eliel, P- Tähtitorninvuori, P- City, P- WTC, P- Simonkenttä, P- Autotalo and P- CityForum. 

Digital advertising spaces in the heart of Helsinki

Mediamix offers prominent and highly effective digital advertising spaces right in the center of Helsinki. These ad spaces allow you to reach over 4 400 000 people in two weeks. The digital screens can display images, videos or animations.

Eliel Screen, almost 10 m2, is a high-resolution, powerful modern digital screen that really stands out on Elielinaukio.

Top locations

Eliel Screen has the most central location in Helsinki, in Elielinaukio – right next to the Helsinki Central Station.

Watch videos of campaigns

Visit the video gallery to watch videos of past campaigns.