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Material instructions

Material instructions for Taximedia can be found here

Ad media sizes

Product Size Visible area Design size Resolution in design size
Side sticker large 600 x 600 mm Ø 600 mm 600 x 600 mm 300 dpi
Side sticker small 400 x 400 mm Ø 400 mm 400 x 400 mm 300 dpi
Bonnet sticker 900 x 900 mm Ø 900 mm 900 x 900 mm 300 dpi
Rear window sticker 1000 x 200 mm 1000 x 200 mm 1000 x 200 mm 300 dpi

Material instructions

  • Taximedia ads are implemented as round stickers with a diameter of 900, 600 of 400 mm, with the exception of the rear window. Take this into consideration when designing the materials. Design the material directly in a circular shape, or take into account that the corners of rectangular material will be cut off.
  • Materials preferably in 1:1 size or 1:2 size.
  • In large materials, images in 1:1 ratio should have a resolution of at least 200 ppi.
  • In 1:2 ratio, the resolution should be approximately 400 ppi. Higher resolutions only increase the file size. Higher resolutions only increase the file size.
  • Do not force increase the resolution, it will result in lower quality.
  • Lower quality materials may also be possible to implement on a case-specific basis, please enquire for more information.
  • Use fully scalable vector graphics as much as possible in the materials.
  • Please ensure all fonts are converted to vector graphics.
  • The materials must always be in CMYK format.
  • Always include a print proof of the material.
  • Delivery of materials in PDF, EPS or AI file formats.

Delivery of materials

Finished materials can be sent here:

Include your email address and enter the campaign information in the message field.

Delivery of materials by 12 o’clock noon 2 weeks before the start of the campaign.