Create diverse and targeted advertising
with Digital & Parking Media

Mediamix Helsinki Digi 50

The AD series contains 50 accurate and bright 50-75 inch new Samsung screens.

Update as needed! Dynamic digital updateability enables precise targeting at certain times, or even the utilization of constantly updated data. Ask more about different possibilities!

The locations of the screens are in good places in the following parking garages P - Kamppi, P- Kluuvi, P- Eliel, P- Tähtitorninvuori, P- City, P- WTC, P- Simonkenttä, P- Autotalo and P- CityForum.

  • Aspect ratio 9:16 (full HD portrait)
  • Quantity 50 pcs, 50 – 75 inch new Samsung screens
  • The length of the loop is 50 sec
  • Spot 10 sec
  • Possibility to update
  • The video may have a soundtrack
  • The screens are on from 06:00 to 24:00
  • Number of spots 403,200 / 7 days
  • OTC / 7 days = 1,385,000

Media pricing
1 week / €3,500
Transfer and review of the material: €90

Eliel Screen

Eliel Screen, spanning 6,4 meters in width, is a high-resolution, attention-grabbing and powerful modern digital screen at eye level on Elielinaukio, next to the Helsinki Central Station. The screen can display images, videos and animations.

Media pricing
195€ / 1 day
495€ / 3 days
1050€ / 7 days

The price includes displaying a 10-second advertising spot at least 60 times in an hour. Longer advertising spots can also be arranged.

Eurosize Illuminated Ads

LED illuminated Eurosize ads in 1190 x 1750 mm.

These illuminated ads are located in the city center of Helsinki in the Europark parking garages: Ruoholahti, Forum, City, WTC, Presidentti, Kamppi, Eliel, Kluuvi and Tähtitorninvuori.

Number of illuminated ads: 70

Media pricing
1 week €1,950
2 weeks €3,290

Manufacture of ads: €650
Installation of ads: €650

The Car Series

The Car Series includes 10 large advertisements with a whopping size of 7 000 x 2000 mm.

AThe Car Series advertisements are located in the city center of Helsinki in the following Europark parking garages: City, Kamppi, Eliel, Kluuvi, and Tähtitorninvuori.

Number of advertisements: 10

Media pricing
2 weeks €3,900

Manufacture, installation and maintenance of ads: €3,900

Giant illuminated ad

This very large illuminated ad is located in the Kamppi parking garage right by the entry point. Each and every one arriving to the parking garage will see this ad! This advertising spot can be taken over for 4 weeks at time.

The size of the ad is 4200 mm x 2000 mm.

Media pricing
€1,000 / 4 weeks

Manufacture and installation: €980

Promotional area

The promotional area gives you free rein to carry out your advertising! Whatever you want to advertise, this is the place for it. The size of the wall hanging at the promotional area is 3,8 x 1,75 m and the floor surface area is a whopping 5 x 3 meters!

The promotional area is located in Forum in the city center of Helsinki.

Elevator ads

Make use of distinctive and surprising elevator ads. There are fantastic opportunities to use this advertising medium creatively.

The elevator ads are sold only in connection with the POP series (for 1 or 2 weeks) and their charges consist only of the production costs, €150 / elevator.

A total of 10 elevators are available for use.