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We also offer a broad range of print services

Large prints

We provide a wide range of printing services with professionalism. Get your high-quality large-format prints for both indoors and outdoors through us! The surfaces can range in size from a square meter to hundreds of square meters.

Spectacular advertising for fairs, events, stores, outdoor spaces, anywhere!

  • wallpapers
  • banners
  • roll-ups
  • large images
  • ad flags
  • A-stands
  • alarm gate ads


Finish the look for your business with car and window wraps. Surprise with a unique idea! We carry out wrapping on cars, windows, elevators, floors, etc. Only the imagination is the limit.

  • car wraps
  • window wraps
  • floor stickers
  • elevator stickers etc.

Additional services

As a full-service house, we also offer design services, ad installation and maintenance, and of course - the best advertising spots in town.

  • design
  • installation
  • maintenance

Globe Hope

The aim of the co-operation with Globe Hope is to provide customers with even more comprehensive service.

We offer you a unique opportunity to extend the life of your promotional materials. The promotional materials ordered from Mediamix can now be easily recycled into marketing tools with sustainable values. Products made from used promotional materials increase your company's brand value as a responsible player.

The functional design products made by Globe Hope can be used, for example, as business gifts, staff gifts, promotional products or merchandise. The products will have a hang tag with the text chosen by the customer.