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The Housing Fair 2022 in Naantali

Engage a target group interested in interior design, renovating and construction at the Housing Fair.

Outdoor advertising at the Housing Fair

The Housing Fair is typically the largest fair with an admission fee in Finland. 4 in 5 fair visitors spend over 4 hours at the fair!

At the Housing Fair, advertisers have an opportunity to reach and influence Finnish consumers via close contact and a long exposure period, thus ensuring the effective delivery of the message.

The Housing Fair visitors seek ideas and solutions for interior design, renovating, living, building and refurbishing the yard and garden.

Out of the visitors at the Housing Fair 2021 in Lohja,

  • 68.4 % were women
  • more than half of the visitors were under the age of 45 (52.8 %)
  • The visitors were looking for inspiration for interior design and home renovation
  • The visitors spent ample amounts of time at the fair with 67.3 % of the visitors spending over 4 hours at the fair area.
  • 51.2 % of visitors came from the Uusimaa region. For the Naantali fair, visitors are also expected to a large extent from the Turku, Tampere and Pori areas.

The Housing Fair in
Naantali 15.7.-14.8.2022

The 2022 Housing Fair will be held in sunny Naantali on the magnificent island of Luonnonmaa, right next to Moomin Island. Named the Southwest Winds, the housing fair area will be completed into a lovely, maritime and nature-friendly residential area, built on steep cliffs while respecting the nature of the archipelago. The area of about 20 hectares is becoming corporate housing, holiday homes and 21 detached houses. Green areas have been left around the plots and the area will have its own solar power plant and an intelligent transformer.

Media tools at the Housing Fair

Advertisers have an opportunity to gain visibility at the Housing Fair through multiple channels or in an individual channel with the following options:

  • Adshel (120 x 180 cm), 2-sided
  • Signware (300 x 465 cm)
  • Pole banners (80 x 200 cm)
  • Digital LED screen (10 sec) at least 240 times per day
  • Bus ads (side panel ad and rear ad)
  • Audio ads (20 sec), approx. 8 times per day
  • Online ads

Locations of media tools

All media are located in good locations along the trade fair route. At the housing fair, you can advertise both in individual advertising media and in multiple channels. See how the media tools are located.

Photos from past years’ fairs

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