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Material instructions

Material instructions for outdoor ad media can be found here

Ad media sizes

Product Size Visible area Design size Resolution in design size Bleed / trim marks in design size
Adshel 1210 x 1800 mm 1210 x 1800 mm 314 x 468 mm 300 dpi -
Pole banner 800 x 2200 mm 800 x 2000 mm 200 x 550 mm 300 dpi -
Signware 3000 x 4650 mm 3000 x 4650 mm 500 x 775 mm 300 dpi -
Bus ad side panel 2600 x 2100 mm 2600 x 2100 mm 1:5 300 dpi -
Bus ad rear glass 1500 x 500 mm 1500 x 500 mm 1:5 300 dpi -

Material instructions for the digital LED screen

  • Design size/display size for the digital screen: 896 x 448 px, resolution 72
  • Aineistoformaatit: .jpg, MOV, MPEG-4
  • Animation or video length 10 seconds.

Please note the pixel count of the screen is 896 x 448 px, 72 dpi. It is preferable to design the material in this size to ensure readability of text, for example. We recommend to use primarily moving images, e.g. video material, to bring more content to the ad. Image materials may include several images, in which case the 10 second display time will be divided amongst them.

Material instructions for audio advertising

  • File format: aiff, wav, mp3
  • Stereo audio: 44.1 or 48 kHz, 16-bit stereo
  • Sound levels: According to EBU R128 standard, -23 LUFS
  • Length: 20 seconds

Instructions for preparing print materials

  • Materials preferably in 1:1 size or 1:2 size.
  • In large materials, images in 1:1 ratio should have a resolution of approximately 100.
  • In 1:2 ratio, the resolution should be approximately 200.
  • Do not force increase the resolution, it will result in lower quality.
  • Lower quality materials may also be possible to implement on a case-specific basis, please enquire for more information.
  • Use fully scalable vector graphics in the materials as much as possible.
  • Käytä aineistoissa mahdollisimman paljon täysin skaalattavissa olevaa vektorigrafiikkaa.
  • Please ensure all fonts are converted to vector graphics.
  • The materials must always be in CMYK format.
  • Delivery of materials in PDF, EPS or AI file formats.
  • Name the material with a descriptive name for the campaign.

Delivery of materials

Finished materials can be sent here:

Include your email address and enter the campaign information in the message field.

Contact us regarding delivery and schedule of ad materials!