Advertise on a city bike!

VILKKU - city bike advertising at Kuopio

VILKKU electric bikes are very popular city bikes in Kuopio. There are 250 electric bikes in use, and additional bikes are constantly requested in customer feedback. In the 2022 season, they were quoted 319,421 times, an average of 1,704 quotes per day.

We offer great visibility on the side panels of VILKKU bikes, where your ad can be seen wonderfully both while driving and at charging points.

With VILKKU bikes - conquer cityscape of Kuopio!

The advertising surfaces on the back of VILKKU electric bikes are about A2 in size and are on both sides of the bike. The bikes stand out easily in traffic. Rent city bikes in batches of 125. The advertising period is 1 month to 3 months.

125 bikes / 250 ads
1 month / €9,800
2 months / €16,500
3 months / €22,500

Manufacture, installation and removal of ads

Delivery of materials 2 weeks before the start of the campaign.