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Advertise on a city bike!

JURO – the new city bike advertising

JURO is an ecological solar-powered city bike operational in Helsinki with no designated stations. JURO is an ideal means of transport in the city for short trips as well as longer ones.

We offer an opportunity to advertise extensively on all JURO city bikes. Gain easy and wide-reaching visibility in the cityscape with JURO!

Customize the JURO city bike with ad surfaces!

The ad surfaces on the JURO bikes are designed to be as large as possible. The back of the bike has a larger ad surface on each side, and the frame has space for a logo or a slogan, for example. The rest of the color scheme on the JURO city bike is as neutral as possible with a white frame and black details, allowing the ads to stand out as much as possible.

1 months / 400 bikes / 1600 ad surfaces, €25,000
2 months / 400 bikes / 1600 ad surfaces, €48,000
3 months / 400 bikes / 1600 ad surfaces, €68,400

Manufacture, installation and removal of ads €6,800

A separate offer will be made for a longer period of time.

Delivery of materials 2 weeks before the start of the campaign.

Easy-to-use application

Renting a city bike is easy with the easy-to-use mobile application. Enquire about in-app advertising!

How JURO works:

  • Download the app and log in
  • Locate a nearby bike
  • Open the bike by reading its QR code
  • Ride to a destination and lock