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Stand-out visibility with giant advertising surfaces

Giant Media

These large advertising surfaces offered by Mediamix enable excellent exposure
for a brand, a product or a business.

Reach large numbers of contacts in a short period of time! The advertising surfaces are located in central and busy city areas reaching drivers, cyclists as well as pedestrians. Add these diverse, unique and changing giant advertising spaces to your media mix!

Giant ad spaces for sale

Giant advertising spaces for sale right in the center of Helsinki! Spanning up to almost 700 m2, these advertising spaces guarantee huge numbers of contacts in a very short period of time.

Giant advertising surfaces are typically implemented on scaffold covers on buildings being refurbished. Their size and location change often, ensuring the surprising and unique nature of these advertising spaces in the cityscape.

See photos of past large surface ads

Over the years, we have made numerous distinctive and surprising campaigns come to life on giant surfaces. See images of past campaigns in the gallery!