Helimedia | Mediamix


Phenomenal aerial advertising - The sky is no longer the limit

Mediamix offers phenomenal aerial advertising!

Helimedia is truly impressive advertisement. The helicopter banners by Mediamix are some of the largest and most impressive aerial advertising products. They are noticed, they create a buzz, they make an unforgettable impression.

Helicopter banners are an excellent fit for events and city areas.

At least one in three people notices the ad while flying over the city!

Large and powerful ad surfaces

The helicopter flies 1500 m² and 1000 m² ads in the sky – these are visible from afar and sure to grab plenty of attention.

The flight schedules and paths are designed individually and specifically to ensure maximal reach of contacts and getting the most out of your campaign. You are free to choose the locations and times.

Delivery of materials 7 weeks before the start of the campaign.

We take care of safety

Helicopter banners and their safety systems are specifically designed for flying above crowds. The helicopter pilots are also specifically trained for the task. We work in cooperation with the Finnish Civil Aviation Authority to ensure safety of the flights.